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Norwest School of Horology - Our Instructors

Tom Payne: School Founder, Head Instructor of Norwest School of Horology Watch Program


Tom Payne

AWCI Certified Master Watchmaker, graduate of WOSTEP refresher course in Neuchatel, graduate of WOSTEP “Train the Trainer” program in Neuchatel, past-instructor at North Seattle Community College Continuing Education Watch Repair Program, 35 year member of NAWCC and AWCI, Past-president of the Washington Watchmakers Association, Former Vice President of NAWCC Chapter 50. Owner of wholesale watch material business and retail repair shop.

"During my 35 years in the trade I’ve seen many changes in the watch industry, and there are more changes and consolidations to come. I believe there is a place in the horological community for everyone, and our school is made stronger by the diverse interests and talents of our students. We are dedicated to making sure that NSH provides for the needs of all our students."

Dave Davenport: Watch Class Instructor


Dave Davenport

Dave fondly remembers his first Casio calculator watch, the Bulova automatic he received from his grandfather, and the Seiko Pogue he found as a kid, digging around in his grandparent's closet. Managing support and security for a software firm by day, Dave owns a small watch repair company, which he has operated since early 2021. He enjoys all types of watches, is an enthusiastic vintage Seiko collector, and specializes in the Seiko chronograph.

His formal training was through a series of online courses, followed by the Norwest School of Horology, where he now teaches beginner students in the Watch 101/102/103 classes.



Jeff Grieff: Watch Class Instructor


Jeff Grieff

Jeff Grieff graduated from the watch repair program at North Seattle College in 1983. During his career he worked both in a small repair shop and a large commercial service center. While working for a large jewelry chain he became the company’s watch repair manager. Among his responsibilities was the training of both watchmakers and sales associates. During his more than 35 years working at the bench he received factory training from Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer and Cartier. He also continued his professional development through courses at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. Jeff was one of the first to receive the AWCI CW21 certification.

Jeff’s passion has always been to work at the bench throughout his career. He has had the opportunity to repair everything from modern high end luxury wristwatches to the full range of vintage watches.

In 2019 he retired from retail watch repair and had the freedom to concentrate his efforts on the repair and restoration of all kinds of vintage watches. He has a wide range of horological interests but specializes in vintage chronographs.

Jeff is known for encouraging watchmakers to continue their training and understanding of the ever-changing field. He enjoys sharing his love of watches, his skills and his knowledge.

Mark Smith: Watch Class Instructor


Mark Smith

Since childhood, Mark has been keenly interested in the art, science, and technology of watch making. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in biology and chemistry and has been working in technical fields all his life. Looking for an opportunity to make his passion for all things horological real, Mark started working on watches over 15 years ago.

After training and working as an apprentice for a year, he started Seattle Watch Repair over 10 years ago, restoring antique and vintage pocket and wrist watches. Mark's experience runs the gamut of pocket and wrist watches having restored or overhauled pocket watches from the late 1700's as well as rare, highly collectible wrist watches and family heirlooms.

Mark is a member of NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors). He is also a member of AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute), and the Secretary of the WWCA (Washington Watchmakers-Clockmakers Association).


Rob Apsel: Watch Class Instructor


Rob Apsel

Rob is a longtime IT professional currently working as the Digital Forensics Investigator for a large school district. A watch enthusiast since acquiring his first Seiko at age 12, he’s a collector of vintage watches, especially Swiss and Russian brands. His formal watch training has been with the Norwest School of Horology, and he now assists with beginner students in Watch 101. Rob’s extensive and detailed knowledge of watch design and manufacturing helps to broaden students’ perspectives of watch service and the industry as a whole.

Clinton Harris: Clock Class Instructor


Clinton Harris

Clint Harris is Master of Clock Repair and has worked on just about every clock variation known in the horological trade. Clint's specialties are the Self Winding Clocks of Western Union and other brands. Clint is also a Master of the Sherline Lathe Products and has given several key presentations to the clock communities over the years.

Clint supports the NAWCC and has for several decades serving as Secretary and President of local Chapter 50. He received his Fellowship from NAWCC National organization in 2018, for his selfless contribution to horology and education.

Clint is currently the Lead Instructor for Norwest's Clock 200 class. He provides the format and direction for new and seasoned students. Clint's passion for clocks and the students' ability to grasp the skills are the cornerstone of his agenda at the school, no matter what the skill level of the clock maker is, Clint comes to their level and provides the knowledge and expertise for all to succeed.

Gary Myers: Clock Class Instructor


Gary Myers

Gary Myers is a dairy farmer, tool & die maker, Navy Veteran and Software Engineer, a “jack of all trades” is what I'm he is refered to often by others. Gary graduated in 1984 from a Pennsylvania technical school for tool & die making. He made parts for the US Navy and Westinghouse, notably helped make lifting jig frames to remove the damaged reactor from the Three Mile Island nuclear facility. Gary joined the US Navy and worked in radar navigation, he was deployed to the Persian Gulf for both Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1991.

Gary was introduced to horology when the NAWCC organization gave a workshop to his high school machine shop class, Gary learned how to disassemble his first pocket watch. Much later in life Gary found a liking of old European clocks and learned the basics of clock repair at the Norwest School of Horology.

Gary recently retired from The Boeing Company and is currently assisting instructors for the Clock 200 class. Gary's passion spans a wide horological spectrum from watches to clocks and their history. His specialties are the French Comtoise and the Dutch Stoelklok

Seth Thomas: Clock Class Instructor


Seth Thomas recent retired from his business in Wolcott, Connecticut enjoys helping out whatever he can.